2020 promises to be an exciting year, with a new destination and a return to three very popular locations!  The menu across the top will move you from page to page - be sure you read everything and know to what you are committing before jumping the gun.

As is now the norm, there are not team specific crusades - every crusade is open to anyone, currently rostered MAs or not - until the roster is closed.  Once the roster is closed we will establish a short waiting list in case of emergency, but no one should count on being called.  In 2019, one trip had a waiting list but it was never needed.  We also had a veteran MA get shut out of the crusades in 2018 because he procrastinated.  Take care of your business so we can begin the process of preparing mentally and physically for each of these trips!


Saints Prison Ministry | PO Box 681   Moorestown, NJ   08057 | p 609-845-3197  I  f 609-845-3246 | www.saintsprisonministry.org

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