Soccer Crusade Details

Given that this is the first open soccer crusade we have conducted, more information might be helpful.  Open crusades is simply a way of saying that a participant does not have to be part of an existing SPM team to join the trip - we welcome any Christ-follower who seeks to use his athletic ability to reach inmates with the Gospel.

This crusade team is heading to Central Florida, specifically an area just south of Orlando.  The team will leave from Philadelphia, fly into Orlando, and settle into a centrally located hotel for the weekend.  You will travel by van to and from a different prison each day, Friday-Sunday, playing outdoors at each facility visited.  The return flight will be on Sunday, late afternoon, so expect to be back in Philadelphia that night.


The cost of this trip is $600 and is all-inclusive: air and ground transportation, lodging, meals, equipment and uniforms, Gospel literature, and initial follow up material for each inmate that responds to our visit.


Please visit the Requirements page to see what you must do to secure your spot on the roster - this roster is limited to 12 men and slots are beginning to fill up!  For this crusade, we must have an email commitment by Sept 10 for you to be included and all paperwork must be completed by September 24th