2021 Destinations

As mentioned, a great deal has changed since we put this site together.  As dates or destinations become available, each MA will have to determine what is best for their own schedule.  As of June 25, these are the opportunities available to us.  As other opportunities become known, we will add them to the list and advertise them immediately.


Dates                                   Location                                             Sport           Support Needed     Roster spots remaining     Crusade Leader


October 7-11 (Thurs-Mon)   Florida, Region 4 (South FL)             Softball                  $900                     Roster Full            Frank Zeidler

October 21-24 (Thurs-Sun)  Florida, Region 2                              Softball                  $750                             0                       Hugh Dwyer


November 4-7 (Thurs-Sun)  Florida, Region 3 (Orlando area)      Soccer                   $600                                                 David Ackley

                   ***Crusades in 2021 are very fluid - please check back for updates as trips might be added at any time***