We have tried to put a procedure in place that ideally allows for everyone to have the same opportunity.  Please read the following instructions carefully, and proceed as the Lord leads you. These instructions explain how to secure your spot on a team - any other form of communication will be considered informational only. 

1.  After reviewing the dates, please take some time to determine if God wants you to serve on one of these crusades.  Include your family in this prayer time, since they may be impacted by the crusade as well.

​2.  Once you are confident that you are making a decision based on the Lord's leading, you should send an email to crusades@saintsprisonministry.org  to hold your spot on the roster. 

4.  Go to the Documents page of this website and download the MA Crusade Agreement, the Crusade Release, and open the FDC online application.  The Florida application can ONLY be completed online.  The SPM documents must be signed, dated, and witnessed, then scanned/emailed to crusades@saintsprisonministry.org or mailed to our Senoia, GA address as listed on that page.  Read these documents thoroughly and carefully - know what you are signing!

Your email or mailed documents should also include a note that states you have completed the online FDC application.

Mailing items to NJ or dropping them off at any other location will delay the process and may cost you a roster spot. 

      Note**  SPM staff is not allowed to sign the witness line of the Crusade Release.

      Note**  Scans from phones and pictures (other than ID) will not be accepted; scans must be from an office machine as .pdf

5.  Each Crusade Agreement must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit can be via check or made via www.saintsprisonministry.org/make-a-donation.  If deposit is being made online, choose My Gift For: Crusade Deposit and use the comments box on that same page to indicate the crusade destination. This deposit represents your commitment to the crusade, as well as demonstrates to potential supporters that you are invested with them.

6.  The roster will be filled in the following manner:  The emails -in the order received - will hold a roster spot for 1 week.  However the spot is not guaranteed until all documents and deposit have been received and verified as complete.  Again - the only way to guarantee a spot on the roster is to submit the $50 deposit, FDC Application, Missionary-Athlete Agreement, and Crusade Release for this trip.

7.  If not currently serving on a Saints Prison Ministry athletic team, prospective MAs for each crusade are subject to an interview by an SPM designee before the roster spot is confirmed.  Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee participation in the crusade, but is required to be considered.