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Welcome to the Crusades Website 2024!  In the coming year, we expect to revisit some old friends, as well as attempt to add a new state to the list of places in which SPM missionary-athletes have ministered.

The fluid nature of prison culture in recent years has made crusade planning more difficult than at anytime in Saints Prison Ministry history. As you review the opportunities presented here, recognize that some details may change along the way. Since every commitment requires altering family or work schedules, we will commit to the dates as presented, however destinations may be impacted by the responses from individual prisons.

Please carefully review the following pages for all the information on available 2024 crusades.  If you want to be part of one of these trips, be sure to read every page that corresponds to your intentions and follow the instructions completely to ensure your spot on the roster. 

**Please bookmark this page and check back often to see any new opportunities that might arise as the year goes along.

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